Friday, February 8, 2013

Oldies but Goodies

My good friend Deb and I decided it would be fun to resurrect some of my old designs one day, so we went through my card samples boxes and chose these five cards to recreate.  They were all made with stamps that are retired, but fortunately for us I still had all of the supplies needed.  I just wanted to share with you some "oldies but goodies".  : )

The fun with this card is how it looks when opened--the focal piece from the front is really on the inside of the card.

This set with the chicken and eggs humor was one of my favorites.  I was sorry it didn't stay "current" in the catalog for a longer period of time.  But at least I can still use it whenever I want :).
This design always makes me a little sad, because of a memory I have attached to it.  I gave this card to the family of a little boy, a friend of my son's, who passed away.  They were very grateful for the sentiment, and I loved the beauty of this saying because of them. 

Lots of little details on this cards make it pleasant for the eyes.  I love these colors together, and the very fine background prints add the perfect amount of texture and finesse.

Earthy, and bright at the same time.  I love this card as a manly greeting, or a simple "down to earth" thank you card. 
I hope you enjoyed my little blast from the past :)!