Saturday, July 21, 2012

June Stamp Camp: Summer All-Occasion

Masking + Sponging!  I had forgotten about this very simple but beautiful technique; it was fun to bring it out again.  My colors here are Pink Pirouette and Rich Razzleberry.  Believe it or not, this is a fairly quick card to make, and requires relatively few supplies : ).  Nice!
Another simple design that I love how it turned out.  Although, want to know a secret?  There are 3 elements here that I didn't add to the design until right before the stamp camp, and without those I just wasn't quite satisfied yet with the design.  Imagine my original design:  It was this same card without the brad, the linen thread, and the chalk on the grass.  Those three elements "MAKE" the card, don't you think?  I'm so glad I added them.  One other cool part of this design is the Big Shot  embossed print + white Craft ink (just brush the pad directly onto the embossed print). 

I love these "S'more" themed cards.  Let's see how many sayings we can come up with for the inside of this card.  How about these:  "Now I love you even s'more!", "Happy birthday, and many s'more!" "There's s'more to you than meets the eye!  Way to go!", or "Everytime I'm with you, you amaze me even s'more."  Can you think of any others that would work?

 I just want to say one more thing:  I LOVE MY STAMP CAMPS!!!  I feel so uplifted every time I get to share this time of creating with my good friends, even if it's with just a couple of people.  I still hope I can do this forever, until I'm too old to see or hold a stamp or something.  Stamping makes me happy, and stamping with friends makes me even happier.  Thanks to everyone who has ever stamped with me for filling my life with happy times!